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Family Law

Guardian Ad Litem
What is a guardian ad litem? A minor cannot be a party to a lawsuit without assistance. Therefore, when a minor is a party to a lawsuit, the court appoints a guardian ad litem to represent the minor. More...
Enforcement of Child Support
When a court enters an order of child support, it orders one party to pay a certain sum of money to another for the support of a child. The person who is ordered to pay is called the obligor. The person who received the payment is the obligee. The amount of child support that is payable is usually based on state law that takes into consideration the number of children for which an obligor is responsible and the amount of income the obligor earns from all sources. More...
Bifurcated Divorces
A court may order the termination of the marriage of a husband and wife, while reserving the resolution of certain issues for a later time. This procedure is called a "bifurcated divorce." When a bifurcated divorce is ordered, issues such as the division of the spouses' property, child custody, and child support are decided at a separate trial or hearing, after the marriage is terminated. More...
Involuntary Commitment of an Individual
Involuntary commitment of an individual occurs when the individual is ordered to a treatment facility or hospital to prevent them from harming themselves or others. In order for one to be confined against their wishes they must be mentally ill, under the influence of an intoxicant or narcotic, or a danger to themselves of others. More...
A separation constitutes the living apart of spouses. The spouses are not yet permitted to remarry because they are still legally married. The separation can be either legal or non-legal in nature. A legal separation generally refers to a separation that is ordered by a court. More...

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